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What our clients have to say...

"Amy was a lifesavers for our family!  Her services far exceeded our expectations, I can’t count the number of times that I have said out loud how grateful I am for her help with this whole college process.  Putting her in the mix was the best thing we could have done for a smooth and successful college search.  Not only did she accomplish our goal of finding a good fit for our daughter, but she  was instrumental in helping our daughter to really get to know herself, her likes, dislikes, strengths and weaknesses.  It was a very empowering experience.  Without hesitation I would recommend Macy College Counseling."

-- M.H., Denver, CO


"Complicated by a hazy mess of researching schools, applications, essays and testing, the college admissions process is stressful to say the least. When I originally contacted Amy with Macy College Consulting, I had never anticipated just how helpful she would be. Simply identifying which universities to apply to is a daunting task, but Amy employed a comprehensive, logical process that resulted in a list of schools tailored to my unique situation, including three schools that I would have never considered otherwise. Amy also provided critical assistance in preparing my applications and writing my essays. Ranging from brainstorming ideas to revising for clarity, Amy rendered services allowing me to prepare my strongest possible application materials. Macy College Consulting emphasized an individualized, caring approach, without which I cannot even imagine how much more painful applying to college would have been. Amy was truly dedicated to my cause, and I could not be more thankful. To conclude, I offer my highest level of recommendation for Macy College Consulting."

--W.G., Conifer, CO


“While our son already has a leg up on knowing precisely what he wants to do professionally and where he wants to focus on in his studies, the number of schools offering programs he wanted was still quite broad and the selection process quite daunting. Your specific knowledge of the acceptance criteria based on ACT and SAT scores (along with the benefits and downside of each test) and grades was so beneficial. You also helped him narrow down his choices to a manageable amount.  Hiring your professional college counseling services is by far the best decision I could have made. While my husband and I have been through this before, and are both quite adept at handling such things, your expertise in the college selection and application process made it a smooth and stress free life event. This is polar opposite from the experience we had with our daughter when we handled it on our own. What a godsend you are!.”

--K.E., Denver, CO


"I just wanted to thank you SO much for keeping all of your parents and students informed and in line with all we need to do.  I can’t thank you enough!  Truly, although we’ve already sent four kids to college, each time there are new deadlines, new info needed, and processes.  I can’t imagine what trouble we would have been in without your help and knowledge.  Thank you!  You are the BEST!"

--T.A., Denver, CO


"Amy did an outstanding job of guiding our daughter through the college application process.  The money spent was well worth her time commitment, dependability, vast knowledge, and teamwork with our daughter. 

With Amy at the helm, my husband and I were removed from the endless application deadlines and work, allowing us to be stress free. Amy is not only darling, her ability to connect with young adults is priceless!”

--A.T., Evergreen, CO


“As you already know, our son was accepted with scholarships to all the schools he applied to...While we know that he gets all the credit for working hard to overcome his obstacles, you were the conduit through which he was able to focus his energies from start to finish in this otherwise stressful process.”

--C.S., Vail, CO


"I just read through our son's Boettcher application and I think it is fantastic!  Thank you so much for your guidance and help through this process.  Michael respects you so much, and finds the work sessions and on-line help invaluable.  I'm sure you are realizing that he has a very strong and deep passion for Chemistry and Computer Science, and I believe he is very exceptional in these areas, especially for someone his age.  At the same time, he is very modest and does not 'market' his achievements.  I do believe his Boettcher application reveals his strengths, passions, and excellence.  Thank you! We really appreciate everything you have done to assist him!"

--M.V., Boulder, CO


"Our experience with Macy College Consulting was amazing!  I hired them to help with my eldest daughter because it has been a long time since I was in college, and a lot has changed! My daughter is a very motivated student, but I did not want her to miss any opportunities due to my lack of knowledge about the whole college preparation and application process. In the end, Jessica applied to 9 universities, all early. She was accepted to 8. She was given merit-based scholarships from every university. This scholarship made the financial investment we made completely worth it! Amy was instrumental in helping Jessica decide which schools to apply to, especially narrowing down choices of universities for which Jessica would be a good fit and would be likely to be accepted. I plan to use them for all three of Jessica's siblings! I honestly believe that they took the stress out of the whole college search and application process!"

--K.A., Evergreen, CO


"I would recommend Amy without any hesitation. She was instrumental in helping my daughter get into the college of her choice.  Amy not only understands the 'nuts and bolts' about the application, essay writing and general search process, she also took the time to get to know my daughter. Most schools, especially public schools, are limited in what they can do to help students apply to college. It was of great relief to me to have someone so knowledgeable help her while keeping me in the loop. Without Amy's assistance, I doubt I could have navigated the ins and outs of all that goes into the college search. I would recommend Amy anytime someone needs additional support working through what has become the maze of applying to college."

--M.W., Denver, CO


“We have such heartfelt  gratitude for you both.  Our daughter is actually getting really excited for her future and we are so proud of her.  Deepest thanks and kindest regards.”

--M.M., Evergreen, CO


"Best $$ we ever spent! Getting our first child off to college seemed like the most confusing and daunting process. I guess it is these days. But Amy made everything manageable. She helped us ID the right category of schools -- showing us that there are many more options beyond the ones you can name off the top of your head! Low and behold after all our daughter has several good choices in reach and we are weighing the options. It's been a pleasure getting to this point. Can't recommend her more highly!"

--S.T., Denver, CO


"Amy is amazing. She spent so much time with me and was super flexible. Not only did she develop an amazing relationship with me, she made the college process so much easier. From helping me pick schools to apply to, to editing my essays, I would recommend Macy College Consulting to anyone. Out of eight schools I applied to, I got into all eight; including my dream school. I couldn't have done it without Amy."

--R.L., Denver, CO


"Amy was an absolutely FANTASTIC team for our daughter to work with as we navigated our way through the college application process. Our daughter loved working with Amy who always made it fun rather than treacherous with each new assignment. Amy related so well to our daughter, and the whole process was made easier with the help. As parents, we were also constantly kept in the loop and informed of everything going on. In fact, after all of the applications were sent, we still receive updates and suggestions. We HIGHLY recommend using Macy College Consulting when beginning the college process...!!!"

--T.A., Denver, CO


"Amy developed great rapport with our daughter resulting in a process that was very productive and positive. She provided high level expertise regarding college choices, application content and ACT prep. Amy was motivational and deadline driven and our daughter essentially completed her applications before school started in the fall, allowing her to focus on her studies and not be distracted by applications during the critical fall semester of her senior year. So far, our daughter has been accepted to every college to which she applied. I found Amy to be accessible and communicative. She got to know our daughter on a personal level and tailored her expertise and offerings to our daughter's specific needs. I highly recommend Macy College Consulting."

--B.B., Denver, CO

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